When should you think about making updates or renovations to your home? My suggestion is winter. Your life tends to have a slower pace, your time and attention are not focused on mowing the yard and caring for the flowers, shrubs and trees. Winter is also when your local home builder association puts on their annual show. Home improvement product vendors and contractors are looking for business to fill their schedules for the upcoming year and often discounts are offered during the off season. You may recall seeing ads for the annual Parade of Homes in the spring and fall and joined the excited throngs ogling the new home designs and styles. Some ideas from those homes may be adaptable to your current home. Winter is also a good time to tackle indoor improvements.

There are some simple and thrifty things you can do to freshen up your home and if you are thinking of selling in the near future you will want to focus on ROI. Return On Investment. Make decisions based on what the current market is focused on rather than your tastes.

5 Thrifty improvements that offer great ROI.

  1. Paint. Whether inside or out, a fresh coat of paint is the least expensive.
  2. Have wood floors? Buyers prefer a darker finish. Replacing those floors is far too expensive, however refinishing to a deeper hue for a more modern appeal.
  3. Carpets often have stains from spills or pets and harbor odors. Buyers may not be content with a deep cleaning. Don’t fall for the old excuse that the buyers may not like what you just had installed. This comes down to your home making a good first impression. Worn carpets will cost you more in sale price than following the advice of a good flooring salesperson.
  4. Refinish kitchen cabinets and update the hardware. Sanding and painting can make a significant visual impact on buyers. New cabinetry, like floor is very expensive and will not give a positive ROI. Take a look at home improvement websites and showrooms for color guidance and hardware that will complete the new look.
  5. Replace the light fixtures. Simple yet effective way to give your home a more modern look and may make the rooms brighter.

Home improvement projects don’t have to be expensive or extensive. If you are staying or moving you will appreciate the difference while living there and when you sell. Make your home, Sweet!