The lure of the country has been the desire of many. Visions of pastoral settings, valleys and hillsides play on the imagination and the heart. Whether you crave open spaces, peace and quiet, privacy, a place for horses or a hobby farm. The rural life can be rewarding, relaxing and always work. Often our childlike “gotta have it” blinds us from the realities of finding an acreage frustrating buyers and Realtors.

Acreages are what they are, where they are, when they’re available. Translation, unless you possess the funds to purchase bare land and time to arrange for water and electric (propane gas and septic systems are also factors) to be brought to a rural site you must accept several factors. You may specify the number of acres you need however when you find the property with the magical number, it may not be the direction from town you prefer or have the house or outbuildings that matches your dream. Not to mention the difference in price tag when comparing a country home to a similar house in town. Old farmhouses and barns carry a romance all their own however those acres, structures and space command deeper pockets. 

Just because you are outside city limits, doesn’t give you license to do as you please (Minnehaha County)(Lincoln County). You are under the jurisdiction of the county government at minimum. In some cases you could be affected by the local town or federal land use programs and restrictions. If a stream or pond is present, the property may have more limitations attached.

Select a Realtor who is familiar with rural properties and the nuances surrounding them. Knowledgeable real estate agents can be a resource to point you in the direction of important information affecting the property that has caught your fascination so your decisions are made on facts, not what you want the facts to be. The glass is half full. Just be sure the liquid in the glass is something you can swallow.