Think neutral tones are safe bets when it comes to selling your home, guess again. The right color selections can make a big difference. Most home improvement projects require tools, skill and serious planning if you are doing it yourself. Painting is a much simpler process. The key ingredient is selecting the correct color palate. The work is the same so select a good quality paint. Click on the links for guidance regarding color selections and more.

Whether online or driving by, the exterior of your home is the first thing buyers see so it is critical to make a statement that draws their attention. The style of home is an important consideration when making selections. Make your house stand out from its market competitors. Yes, this is a beauty contest and if it’s not pretty on the outside, buyers may not bother clicking again to look inside.

Interior colors create a mood and a sense of style. Trends come and go however off white, light beige often feel stale and even cold. Changing colors from dining to living room to bedrooms will give your home some flair. Kitchens often have little wall space due to cabinetry and appliances yet the correct choices create an accent and atmosphere that can make an older kitchen look terrific. Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house yet their appearance has a large impact on buyers decisions. Here the plumbing fixtures, mirrors and the proper selections pay dividends. You don’t wish to admit your age, why make your home seem old and dated? Give it a youthful glow.

After your home is dressed in colorful fashion, you just may want to stay there longer. A renewed love.