When looking for a place to call home, there are considerations beyond the house itself to consider that will impact you today, and in the future when you decide to sell. In fact what lies beyond the boundaries of a home has a great impact on the value of the property and the lifestyle you desire.

  • Schools. Are those nearby, do they have good rankings? Public or private? Even if you don’t have children now these factors may be worth considering if you intend to stay less than 10 years.
  • Crime. No one likes this subject yet searching the police log for calls to a particular area will help you identify the type of activity and gauge your level of comfort.
  • Transportation. If you drive, is the area easily accessible to freeways? Must you drive through a rough looking area to arrive there? If you prefer public transportation, how close are the stopping points?
  • Demographics. Are you the outgoing type that enjoys having young families with children around, neighbors being neighborly, or do you prefer a slower pace. If possible drive through various neighborhoods in the early evening to observe the activity. Are people chatting with their neighbors? Does the street fill with cars or children?
  • Eating and shopping. If eating out is something you do often, what restaurants are in a reasonable distance? If shopping is your thing will getting to retailers be challenging? What about the dreaded grocery shopping? Things to do!
  • Recreation. If you have children, perhaps playgrounds, parks and swimming pools are a major part of their development. If you are an empty nester, you may be searching for something entirely different.
  • Worship. Regardless of your faith, whether you attend regularly or only on special occasions, finding a place to worship is a high priority for some people.

Fair Housing laws limit what a Realtor may say about any neighborhood that could be considered discrimination or derogatory. A Realtor may point you in the direction of the information you seek and not everyone feels the same about the subjects.